Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Xenofex Photoshop filters

Xenofex is a can create glass, walls, mosaic, lightning and other effects of the filters. Install it in the right after the filter menu in photoshop to find "Xenofex 1.0" filter set, expand the menu shows a variety of effects choices, see below:

Baked Earth: soil;
Constellation: stars;
Crumple: wrinkle;
Distress: fragmentation;
Electrify: lightning;
Flag: the flag;
Lightning: Lightning;
Little Fluffy Clouds: clouds;
Origami: the glass surface;
Puzzle: Puzzle;
Rounded Rectangle: Shape;
Shatter: ghost;
Shower Door: rain;
Stain: edge;
Stamper: Stamp;
Television: photography; 顥?br />
(All of the effects of various changes can be grouped together or a related effect, means that the actual effect of Chinese summary paraphrase.)
Independently of each filter window, roughly divided into parameters, lighting adjustment, mode selection and preview zones. Can choose its intended mode, or select mode and then adjust the parameters to achieve the desired effect. Custom effects can be Setting (Mode selection) in stored; it will automatically keep the effect from the last use (Last used); all the adjustments can see the effect in the preview map. The following diagram shows the processing window Xenofex:

# Demonstration:

Glass refraction ghosting effect: in the image, select range, select Filter / Xenofex / Shatter / Large Pieces o''Glass, adjust the Shard Size (shape and size), Displacement (location), Random Seed (amount) to achieve the desired results .
The following is a group of patients treated with Xenofex effect diagram:

Filter is characterized by diverse, do not list them here, I hope you try a multi-purpose filter can appreciate the power of.


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